We believe that fully integrating ESG principles into our investment approach requires a genuine commitment and significant investment.

Our portfolio

We prioritize decarbonization, diversity, and good governance as key components of ESG integration, and apply our insights to drive change across our portfolio. Our approach is grounded in a responsibility to our investors to be careful stewards of capital, and we have long been implementing initiatives to make our companies stronger and more resilient.

Our Portfolio Operations and Asset Management teams lead strong operational interventions to support the power of our model.

Corporate Approach

By integrating ESG factors into our corporate purpose and performance, we are confident that we can create more value for our investors, portfolio companies, and the communities we serve.

At Royal Solution, we prioritize good governance, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), decarbonization, and creating economic opportunities in our ESG initiatives.

We have established a DEI policy that centers on our people, with approximately one-third of our leadership team being diverse, and achieved 41% female representation and 49% racially diverse representation in the US among our incoming 2021 analyst class.

We have also become a member of leading organizations such as Responsible Investment (RI) to advance our ESG initiatives and report on our progress quarterly to our board. Additionally, we measure our greenhouse gas emissions and aim to reduce our corporate carbon footprint.

Our Charitable Foundation focuses on creating economic opportunities for under-resourced communities by increasing access to entrepreneurship skills through our signature Royal Solution LaunchPad network and driving community engagement, providing disaster relief, and guiding employees in board service placement.

“ESG is a critical aspect of our mission to generate strong returns for our clients. At Royal Solution, we leverage our expertise and scale to reinforce our portfolio companies, assets, and the communities they operate in.”

Claus Rotten


Across Our Portfolio

We are aware of the potential impact that the scale of our Royal Solution Fund can have on the economy, society, and communities. That's why we actively collaborate with our portfolio companies and assets to drive important ESG initiatives forward.

Our commitment to ESG extends beyond just reducing carbon emissions and promoting diverse leadership and talent. We also have initiatives aimed at supporting veterans.

Our Veterans Hiring Initiative has resulted in over 10,000 veterans, veteran spouses, and caregivers being hired across our portfolio companies since 2019. Additionally, our career program works towards fostering economic mobility and supporting diversity efforts at portfolio companies by partnering with organizations like Stand Up and ROOP Careers to expand applicant pools and adopt inclusive workplace practices.

We believe that these initiatives, along with our other ESG efforts, contribute to building stronger, more resilient companies and communities for the future.

“Great to hear that ESG is a priority at Royal Solution and that it is integrated into your investment process and operating philosophy. By aligning ESG with your core mission of creating long-term value for your investors, you are demonstrating your commitment to responsible investing practices and contributing to a sustainable future.”



Partner Organizations

Professionals throughout Royal Solution are leaders in organizations dedicated to econimical principles. They serve on boards, establish nonprofits for social responsibility and good governance, and contribute to thought leadership on transparency and impact investing.
Partner organizations include*: